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I am interested in studying new ways to use image and video, make them easy to use, search and be recognizable to the computer. In general I like computer graphics, computer vision, multimedia, intelligent algorithms and cool new interaction devices! I am currently a researcher in IMG at the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the New University of Lisbon (NOVA). I have a Master degree in Informatics Engineering.

Keywords : Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, HCI, Image Processing, OpenFrameworks, Processing, OpenCV, Ogre3D, OpenSceneGraph, Android, C++, Java, Javascript, Multimedia, Interfaces, CEGUI, FMOD, PLSM2, LNEC, Alqueva, Protecção Civil, Gulbenkian, Museus, CCB, Flash, ActionScript, Matlab, Visualization, Interaction

Projects & Links

- AR system with Game
1957 First Modern Art Exhibition - Website navigation using computer vision techniques.
ArtTouch – Public Comunication of Art - DIY Multitouch table for a Museum.
Life-Saver - Emergency Graphical Simulation in 3D.
Life-Saver blog
Ph.D. blog - (Outdated)


Nóbrega, R., Correia, N. 2013. Photo-based Multimedia Applications using Image Features Detection. In Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP’13). INSTICC Press, Barcelona, Spain,  298-307.  [pdf]

Nóbrega, R., Correia, N. 2012. Interactive Insertion of Virtual Objects in Photos and Videos. In Proceedings of  Eurographics 2012 – Posters (EG’12). Eurographics Association, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, 7-8.  [pdf]

Nóbrega, R. and Correia, N. 2012. Magnetic augmented reality: virtual objects in your space. In Proceedings of the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI ’12). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 332-335. [pdf][video][watch online]


Between 2006 and 2009 I teached several courses at FCT/UNL and at the Portuguese Air Force Academy
- CMU FA 2008/2009 Multimedia Computation
PCE 2008/2009  Programming for the Experimental Sciences
- TIG 2008/2009  Geographic Information Technologies
ICP 2007/2008   Introduction to Computer Programming
- PCM 2007/2008 Multimedia Content Production
ICP 2006/2007   Introduction to Computer Programming


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