Armanda Rodrigues

I am a professor at the New University of Lisbon (Computer Science Department, Faculty of Sciences and Technology) and my research interests involve addressing the limitations of existing representations and techniques for handling and representing geographic information, in order to improve visualization, interaction and collaborative activities in information and simulation systems.
Specifically, I am concerned with:
1. Addressing the problem of selecting data representations for representing spatial-temporal data with the aim of facilitating retrieval geographically or semantically relevant information;
2. Developing methods for facilitating visualization and interaction with geographic events (geo-referenced information that evolves in space and time);
3. Conceiving tools for enabling collaboration in geo-referenced activities for distributed users;
4. Developing methods for actively designing and positioning actors in spatially mapped simulation activities.

I am also interested in developing educational and pedagogical methods for addressing training activities related to geographic information and systems to Computer Science and Engineering students, in a postgraduate education context.

For more information about me, please follow the link below.

Personal webpage


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