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Rui Nóbrega (Outdated Version)

I am interested in studying new ways to use image and video, make them easy to use, search and be recognizable to the computer. In general I like computer vision, computer graphics, multimedia, intelligent algorithms and cool new interaction devices! I am currently a researcher in IMG at Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the New University of Lisbon. I also teach Introduction to Computer Programming. I have a Master degree in Computer Sciences Engineering.


Computer Vision, Augmented Reality,HCI, Image Processing, OpenFrameworks, Ogre3D, C++, Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Interfaces, CEGUI, FMOD, PLSM2, LNEC, Alqueva, Protecção Civil, Flash, ActionScript, Matlab, Visualization, Interaction


Published Work

Check here.

[1] Correia, N., Mota, T., Nóbrega, R., Silva, L. and Almeida, A. 2010, A Multi-touch Tabletop for Robust Multimedia Interaction in Museums, Accepted and to be published in ITS '10, ACM, NY

[2] Nóbrega, R. 2009. Building interactive spatial and temporal models using multimodal data. Doctoral Program in Computer Science Thesis Plan. CITI-FCT-UNL

[3] Nóbrega, R., and Cavaco, S. 2009. Detecting key features in popular music: case study – singing voice detection, In MML'09 at ECML-PKDD 2009, 7-12.

[4] Nóbrega, R., and Correia, N. 2009. Multi-Touch Integration in Interactive Applications. In TouchAffordances Workshop INTERACT '09, http://www.touchaffordances.org.

[5] Nóbrega, R. 2008. Visualization and Interaction in a Simulation System for Flood Emergencies. MSc Thesis. Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa.

[6] Nóbrega, R., Sabino, A., Rodrigues, A. and Correia, N. 2008. Flood Emergency Interaction and Visualization System. In Proc. VISUAL'08, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 68-79

[7] Sabino, A., Nóbrega, R. Rodrigues, A. and Correia, N., 2008. Life-Saver: Flood Emergency Simulator, In Proc. ISCRAM '08, Washington D.C.



rui.nobrega [at] campus.fct.unl.pt

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