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Personal Memories

Sharing memories and experiences is a major activity of human beings that has been practiced during thousands of years, enabling the exchange of knowledge and information across generations and cultures. Pictures and videos are rich vehicles to transport this information. Recent technological advances of the digital devices have been changing the concepts of capture, share and store of visual information (e.g., camera-phones with integrated GPS and considerable storage capacity). People can take photos or make small video clips of everything, everywhere and, through the World Wide Web share this information with friends. Consequently, a vast amount of personal digital information is being stored. To manage this information in a fruitful way, an efficiently retrieval system must be used. In this project a multimedia information retrieval will be developed which will use audio and visual features extracted from image/video data and metadata obtained at capture time to find information in personal collections. The low-level features will be used to train probabilistic models for specific semantic concepts to retrieve information in personal memories. The metadata will be captured automatically using the camera parameters and other sensors incorporated in the device. User interfaces will be designed in order to make easy the search and navigation in the database both for desktop/laptop PC's including a web component but also for small displays in mobile devices. The system will be evaluated using personal collections of several persons and in tourism related such as a visit to a museum, a historical site or others points of interest.


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