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Mobile networks combined with positioning techniques provide a new channel for a radically new form of cinematographic narratives that are navigable in space. Stories are received when navigating in the real world, using contextual information about the state or characteristics of the user. Traditional narratives, in its diverse forms, are a good way to convey knowledge about the real world. The ability to have constant access through mobile devices allows a new way of doing cinematographic narratives that can enhance in a significant way the viewers experience. There are many areas of application, ranging from tourism to education. It also allows to integrate different target audiences, thus contributing to electronic literacy.
The project has the goal of defining an architecture and to implement a system for interactive cinematographic narratives in mobile devices. The system is driven and validated by a set of story threads and narratives, centered around the exploration of physical spaces. This exploration is combined with the perspective of sharing information between users and providing historic context. This event was chosen to take advantage of the interest in sports events, but also because of its spatial characteristics and for the availability of information sources. The project also wants to explore the social aspect of enjoying sporting events, with the idea that the technology can provide new innovative approaches to social participation (as audience) in sports or other types of events.

Web Page: http://img.di.fct.unl.pt/InStory/

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