Thank you all who helped to make ACE 2011 a special and successful conference!
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Congratulations to the winners of ACE 2011 different categories!

Best Paper

Gold Award
Teach Me to Dance: Exploring Player Experience and Performance in Full Body Dance Games
Emiko Charbonneau, Andrew Miller and Joseph Laviola Jr.
Silver Award
Hearing is Believing: Evaluating Ambient Audio for Location-Based Games
Jason Kurczak, T.C. Nicholas Graham, Claire Joly and Regan L. Mandryk.
Bronze Award
Stomp: An Interactive Platform for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Peta Wyeth, Jennifer Summerville and Barbara Adkins.

Best Late Breaking Results

Gold Award
Social Brainstorming via Interactive Fabrication
Matthew Gardiner, Roland Haring, Hideaki Ogawa, Christopher Lindinger, David Stolarsky, Martina Mara, Emiko Ogawa, Horst Hörtner
Silver Award
ClayStation: A Mixed Reality Gaming Platform Supporting Playful Learning for Children
Xuan Wang, Adrian David Cheok
Bronze Award
YouDash3D - Exploring Depth-based Game Mechanics and Stereoscopic Video in S3D Gaming
Jonas Schild, Sven Seele and Maic Masuch
Honorable Mention
AnimActor: Understanding Interaction with Digital Puppetry using Low-Cost Motion Capture
Luís Leite and Veronica Orvalho

Best Creative Showcase & Interactive Art

Gold Award
Anabiosis: An Interactive Pictorial Art Based on Polychrome Paper Computing
Kohei Tsuji, Akira Wakita
Silver Award
Yuichiro Katsumoto, Masa Inakage
Bronze Award
"interacumos" : An interactive digital cubic kaleidoscope
Junichi Kanebako, Masafumi Oda, Kanako Matsuo, Keisuke Shuto, Takenori Hara, Goro Motai, Minori Yamazaki, Hiroko Uchiyama

Game Competition

Gold Award
Edouard Vacher, Axel Speller, Julien Guérand, Olivier Lavalley, Samuel Monneau
Silver Award
Vincent Koeman, Sarah Bashiri, Karens Grigorjancs, Alex Kolpa, Jeroen Mandersloot, Benny Onrust
Bronze Award
Free All Monsters! A Context-aware Location Based Mobile Game
Mark Lochrie & Paul Coulton, Kate Lund & Daniel Burnett, Andrew Wilson

Now in it’s 8th edition, ACE has become the leading scientific forum for dissemination of cutting-edge research results in the area of entertainment computing. Interactive entertainment is one of the most vibrant areas of interest in modern society and is amongst the fastest growing industries in the world. ACE 2011 will bring together leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to present their innovative work and discuss all aspects and challenges of interactive entertainment technology, in a cool and stimulating environment.

ACE is by nature a multi-disciplinary conference, therefore attracting people across a wide spectrum of interests and disciplines including computer science, design, arts, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and marketing. The main goal of ACE is to stimulate discussion in the development of new and compelling entertainment computing and interactive art concepts and applications. All ACE participants are encouraged to present work they believe will shape the future of the industry, going beyond its established paradigms.